About NAESA International

Who we are...

NAESA International is an organization open to individuals from all segments of the elevator industry who are interested in improving the manufacturing, performance, inspection, and safety of elevators, escalators, and other conveyances.

NAESA stands for the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities. It is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization recognized internationally.


"To foster and assist in the promulgation of a standard safety code and interpretation thereof, for elevators and related equipment, and to engage in activities and establish programs to exchange and impart information of common interest to the membership and to develop the professional reputation of elevator safety authorities."

NAESA International is an organization:

  • Comprised of diverse members who share a sincere interest in elevator safety, code enforcement, and technology;
  • Whose purpose includes providing QEI Certification (Qualified Elevator Inspector) training and testing to qualified individuals;
  • Conducting several Regional workshops each year throughout the United States and Canada to inform, educate, and provide a forum for individuals to discuss elevator topics;
  • Providing classroom training on a variety of topical elevator subjects.

NAESA is accredited by ANAB to certify Elevator Inspectors since September 2013.

Our organization is comprised of elevator inspectors, mechanics, consultants, contractors, architects, engineers, elevator manufacturers, and others interested in elevator safety, code enforcement, and technology.

Over the past 30 plus years, NAESA International has certified thousands of elevator inspectors. NAESA International holds several week-long training classes throughout the United States, providing intensive elevator code familiarization. At the end of the training week, qualified individuals may take the QEI test for certification as a Qualified Elevator Inspector.

NAESA International also holds "Workshops" (elevator educational seminars) once a year in each of our Eastern, Central, and Western Regions. NAESA's Canadian Region also holds annual workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to inform, create a forum for topical elevator issues, and to help promote the standardization of Safety Codes for Elevators, Escalators, and related equipment. The workshops bring people together from all over the world to exchange ideas and learn. These workshops typically have several guest speakers and open forum segments. Attendance at these events provides individuals with an opportunity to mingle with others who have had similar experiences in the industry.


Adherence to Principles

NAESA International adheres to principles of impartiality in all its dealings. NAESA International shall act impartially toward all applicants, candidates, certificants, Board of Directors, Board of Certification, NAESA committees, staff and proctors. NAESA enforces its commitment to impartiality by continually monitoring processes to assure impartiality. Any complaint or indication of partiality is taken seriously and acted upon to mitigate the pressures or internal corporate pressures to mitigate the perceived or reported cause of partiality. NAESA will not allow external commercial pressure or internal corporate pressure to compromise impartiality. 



Learn more about NAESA International by exploring this website or call 360-292-4968 with any questions.