Benefits of Membership

Benefits Of Membership

"Our Membership Is The Backbone Of Our Organization. Without The Support Of Individuals Like You And Organizations Like Yours, We Would Not Continue To Succeed And Grow."

Who We Are

NAESA International is an organization open to individuals from all segments of the elevator industry who are interested in improving the manufacturing, performance, inspection and safety of elevators, escalators and other conveyances.

NAESA International is accredited by the ANSI to certify elevator inspectors and has an open certification program available to qualified individuals wishing to obtain a credential that attests to their expertise in the elevator industry. The year 2007 marked NAESA's 20th year as an ASME-accredited organization. NAESA International is represented on numerous ASME committees and therefore has the most current information available to members.

High Ethical Standards

NAESA International has established a code of high ethical standards and expects that all members will conduct themselves accordingly.

Educational Opportunities

Although originally organized to provide a forum for inspectors to meet, confer and learn, NAESA has expanded to provide the same services for all disciplines within the trade. Educational programs, workshops and seminars are presented at a level that all can relate to and understand. Through these educational opportunities, NAESA International provides a forum where peers meet, discuss topics and ask questions; individuals with the expertise to do so provide the answers and lead the discussions relating to those questions. .

Workshop Opportunities

To allow all members to participate, workshops are held in each region (Eastern, Central, Western and Canadian) in the spring and fall of each year. The educational portions of these workshops provide excellent opportunities to remain current with the latest developments in elevator technology and codes. These workshops allow members to network with peers and other experts in the elevator industry - inspectors, consultants, contractors and manufacturers - all meeting and intermingling, one assisting the other.

Lower Fees

Members of NAESA International pay substantially lower fees for their annual recertification than those who are not members. Members also realize a savings on registration fees for the Regional as well as Annual Workshops, and all Code Update Seminars. NAESA is also always working with other companies to provide discounts on products and services that will be beneficial to members such as airfare, car rentals, and code books. For the most recent information regarding member discounts, please visit www.naesai.org.

Monthly Newsletter

Members will receive a monthly e-newsletter, the Progress, informing them of the newest developments in the elevator industry. The Progress includes listings of all currently-scheduled classes and workshops, messages from the Executive Director with news from the main office, articles addressing code questions and issues, and advertising opportunities. Members also have the ability to write articles and have them published in the Progress. This newsletter is e-mailed to all members and is also available on our website.

Up-To-Date Contact List Of Members

NAESA International provides members the opportunity to network with others of similar interests and concerns. To facilitate this, a complete list of names and phone numbers of all members is available to NAESA members on the website.

Historic Code Books

Information from codes and standards dating back to 1921 is available upon request from the Executive Office. This information is very helpful to individuals who may encounter older equipment in their inspection travels. Members should contact the Executive Director for assistance with information from older codes and standards.

Board Positions

Members of NAESA can run for positions on the Board of Directors and Board of Certification as well as positions as Regional Officers. Please refer to the Bylaws for more information.

Employment Opportunities

NAESA Members can view employment opportunities on the NAESA website. Additionally, if your company or organization would like to post employment ads, please contact us at 360-292-4968.

Organizational Membership

Companies who are members of NAESA receive:

  • A 10% discount on exhibiting at NAESA's Workshop
  • A link under the "Organizational Members" section on NAESA's website to your organization's website
  • An email will be sent to the entire membership describing your company products/services and contact information
  • Designation of the main representative of your organization as the individual who will represent your organization for the purpose of Board of Directors elections.
  • Designation of two company representatives. Designated representatives will receive:
    • Discounts to seminars and workshops
    • The Progress e-newsletter which includes news from NAESA's executive office, member contributions, class schedules and more
    • Access to a contact list of all NAESA members
    • Access to Members Only areas of the NAESA website
    • Access to the Code Update Survey which will list the codes adopted by each state


NAESA Members are always the first to know! We email our members as often as possible with information regarding classes, workshops, news from the Executive Office, job opportunities and additional member benefits.

It's YOUR organization! Periodic surveys are conducted for members to participate in. The feedback from these surveys allows NAESA to continually improve our services to you.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please email Amy at emerald@naesai.org or call us directly at 360-292-4968.

Signing Up or Renewing a Membership

Visit your profile and click on the membership tab to sign up or renew.