Approved Continuing Education Providers

NAESA International conducts numerous training sessions throughout the year, but the Board recognizes that it benefits our inspectors when NAESA approves outside organizations for the purpose of providing continuing education in a location somewhat convenient to inspectors' residences or businesses. By entering into agreements with individuals or organizations for approval of outside seminars, NAESA International will be able to provide our inspectors one more avenue to fulfill their continuing education requirements. This is particularly important in an era when travel is becoming more and more costly thereby making it difficult, if not impossible, for some individuals to travel to obtain this education.

If interested in becoming an approved provider of continuing education for certified elevator inspectors, please click here.

For individuals interested in submitting other outside continuing education to fulfill the annual renewal requirements, please review the Training Approval Matrix for a detailed explanation of subject matter and potential associated credit hours.

The Following Programs Have Been Approved To Assist Inspectors In Fulfilling Their Continuing Education Units As Required By ASME QEI-1.


  • CEU approval hours are subject to change; contact the NAESA office for the most updated information.
  • To receive credit for continuing education, NAESA requires signatures from attendees (NOTE: You will only receive credit for the time you were present)
  • In some cases, NAESA requires an administrative processing fee of $25 per attendee to cover the costs associated with CEU tracking
  • NAESA approves classes based on content, not on provider. A provider that is listed here is not necessarily offering any NAESA approved courses.
  • Attendees of approved outside continuing education classes are responsible for submitting their certificates to NAESA prior to their renewal deadline.

Chicago Elevator Association

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval.

If interested, email chris@greatlakeselevator.com.

Donnelly & Associates, Inc.

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval

For more information contact Joe Donnelly at 847-902-7917.

Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund (QEITF)

The upcoming courses have been approved for 0.1 CEU per clock hour:

  • 1/12/2017 Arlington, TX
  • 1/19/2017 Columbia, MD
  • 2/7/2017 Norfolk, VA
  • 2/15/2017 Chicago Ridge, IL
  • 3/2/2017 Long Island City, NY
  • 3/11/2017 Honolulu, HI

For more information call 410-312-1474 visit qeitf.org.

Elevator Safety And Technical Services (ESTS)

The upcoming courses have been approved for 0.1 CEU per clock hour:

  • 1/12/2017 Orlando, FL
  • 2/7/2017 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 2/9/2017 Clearwater, FL
  • 3/8/2017 Pensacola, FL
  • 3/9/2017 Pensacola, FL
  • 3/28/2017 College Park, GA
  • 3/29/2017 Birmingham, AL
  • 4/28/2017 Jacksonville, FL
  • 5/5/2017 Ft. Myers, FL
  • 5/6/2017 Sarasota, FL
  • 6/3/2017 Louisville, KY

For more information email summer@estsinc.net or elevatorlee@aol.com.

Elevator U

June 20-22, 2017
Charlottesville, VA

The 2017 Elevator U Annual Conference is approved as follows:

  • Elevator/Personal Safety by Robert Shepherd                                                    0.1 CEU
  • Hoist Ropes: Application, Installation and Maintenance by Martin Rhiner           0.1 CEU

All the other presentations are building/elevator system management, sales and specifying topics and do not enhance the description of an elevator inspector or meet the guidelines of the QEI-1 standard for acceptable training topics for CEU approval.

Elevator World

A maximum of .2 CEUs for self-study and online courses per annual renewal period can be applied towards Maintenance of Qualifications for NAESA certified inspectors per the QEI-1 Standard.

Always available online:

Fire Protection Education

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval

If interested please visit http://www.fireprotectioneducation.com/home.html

International Association Of Elevator Consultants (IAEC)

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval

If interested, contact IAEC at 713-426-1662 or sheila@iaec.org.

James Meyer Consulting

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval

For more information contact meyerconsulting@verizon.net.

National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC)

The following NAEC eLearning courses have been approved for NAESA outside continuing education. NOTE: A maximum of 0.2 CEUs can be obtained this way.

  • Addressing the Most Common Questions Related to Retrofit Code .15 CEUs
  • Watts Up with Cab Lighting .1 CEU
  • Electrical Safety .1 CEU

For more information contact Amanda Smith at 770-760-9660 or amanda@naec.org or visit www.naec.org.

University Of Minnesota Elevator Symposium

The following course has been approved for 1.15 CEUs. You must attend both days to receive full credit.

  • Annual Institute for Building Officials - St. Paul, MN - January 18-19, 2017

Virginia Elevator Safety Association (VAESA)

  • No upcoming classes currently submitted for approval

For more information contact Michael Henley at 804-786-0777.