What Does “NAESA” Stand For And What Is Its Mission/Vision?

NAESA stands for the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities. Click here to read NAESA's Mission/Vision.

What Does NAESA International Do?

NAESA International specializes in providing certification as an elevator inspector to qualified individuals. NAESA certifies inspectors to the ASME QEI-1 Standard for Qualified Elevator Inspectors. NAESA also provides quality training on the latest elevator codes for the elevator industry as a whole. Click here to read more About Us.

What Does QEI Mean?

QEI stands for Qualified Elevator Inspector. Individuals who hold this designation have gone through a rigorous background check and examination process to prove their qualifications and must maintain these qualifications based on the ASME QEI-1 Standard for Qualified Elevator Inspectors as well as NAESA’s terms.

Can I Use The QEI Logo?

Only NAESA QEI-certified individuals can use the logo on their stationery, business cards, websites, etc. If you'd like to use the logo, email megan@naesai.org for a high-quality picture format.

How Can I Become QEI Certified?

Individuals interested in becoming QEI certified must meet the qualifications as outlined in the ASME QEI-1 Standard as well as NAESA International’s requirements. For more information on how to apply, click here.

How Much Does The QEI Exam Cost?

If you are interested in attending the QEI Training Course and Certification Exam, the cost for this is $1295 and includes membership with a passing score. The QEI Exam Only costs $500 but requires an additional fee if membership is desired. Click here for information on the benefits of membership.

Should I Take The QEI Exam Only Or Should I Attend The 4-Day QEI Training Course?

If you feel comfortable navigating the required codebooks, the Exam Only may be right for you. However, NAESA recognizes that most inspectors, although they are knowledgeable in the field, may not have much experience with the elevator codes themselves. For these inspectors, we recommend taking the QEI Training Course.

How Long Does The Application And Exam Process Take?

The application turnaround time depends on how fast you can provide all the documentation we need to NAESA’s Executive Office. Once your application is approved, your exam can be scheduled immediately. The exam consists of 160 questions with multiple-choice responses, and examinees are given 8 hours to complete it.

My Application Has Been Approved. How Do I Prepare For The Exam?

Preparation for the QEI Certification Exam is best done by familiarizing yourself with the codebooks required for elevator inspectors. NAESA does not provide any practice exams and instructors are forbidden from discussing the exam with students. You can find the list of codebooks required for the exam by clicking here. If you feel you need help preparing, you may want to register for the QEI Training Course.

I've Just Completed My QEI Exam. When Will I Receive My Results?

You will receive your results within one business week after NAESA receives all necessary documentation from you and you proctors provided there were no problems during the examination process.

How Do I Become An Inspection Supervisor?

Individuals who have been certified for at least 5 years can qualify to become a supervisor. You must fill out an application. Click here for more information.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Member?

You don’t have to be certified to be a member, anyone can become a member of NAESA. There are many benefits to becoming a member of NAESA International. Not only are you supporting the mission and values of the organization, but you would also be part of the biggest and oldest QEI Certifying Organization in the US and Canada. Members receive many discounts including registration for classes and annual renewal (if certified). Members also receive a newsletter detailing the latest news from the Executive Office, can access member contact information, are notified of employment opportunities in their area, can run for positions on the Board of Directors, and more! Click here for a detailed listing of Membership Benefits.

I Represent Another Organization. How Can We Become Involved With NAESA?

NAESA offers an Organizational class of membership for companies interested in supporting NAESA International. We will add your company's name to our website as an "Organizational Members" Organizational members can designate two representatives that receive all the benefits of an individual member. The main representative can also run for the Organizational Member Classification position on the Board of Directors. Click here for more information on becoming an Organizational Member. There are also opportunities to sponsor workshops or exhibit at the annual Wisconsin Elevator Symposium.

I’m Not Certified Or A Member, But I Have A Vested Interest In The Elevator Industry. Can I Attend A NAESA Training Event?

All continuing education training courses that are listed on the Training Calendar (with the exception of the QEI Training Course and Certification Exam) are open to the public. All you need to do is click the Register button next to the class you’re interested in attending. Agenda and location information can be found on the flyer which is linked to the course name.

I’m Certified With Another Accredited Organization. How Can I Transfer My Certification To NAESA?

NAESA and the two other ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) 17024 accredited organizations will no longer be able to accept transfer applications. In our fall 2023 audit, ANAB ruled against all three organizations that we would have to no longer accept transfer applications. NAESA believes this is a fair decision to protect all certifying agencies involved.

I’m Already QEI Certified By NAESA. How Do I Fulfill My Annual Continuing Education Requirements?

NAESA provides many sources for fulfilling continuing educations requirements. All NAESA’s course offerings are listed on the Training Calendar and are designed to fulfill .1 CEU per clock hour of instruction. NAESA provides webinars which can be done from the comfort of your home or office for those who find it difficult to travel. NAESA also approves the third party continuing education courses. If you’d like to submit a course for approval, click here. For a listing of Approved Continuing Education Providers, click here. Supervisors can fulfill their additional CEU requirements through Corexcel. Click here for more information (you must be an active inspector supervisor to view this page).

I’m Already QEI Certified By NAESA. What Do I Need To Do To Renew My Certification And When Do I Need To Complete The Annual Renewal By?

Your expiration date is listed on your QEI Certification card. You must fulfill your continuing education requirements, pay your annual renewal fee, sign documents required by NAESA that attests to your Maintenance of Qualifications, and agree to abide by NAESA’s terms as a certified elevator inspector. More information on your annual renewal will be emailed to you in the months preceding your expiration date. Information will also be posted on the Home page of the website.

I'm Having Personal Issues That Are Keeping Me From Fulfilling My Annual Renewal Requirements. What Are My Options?

You may request in writing an extension (known as “abeyance”) from renewal. You must submit this request to the NAESA office well in advance of your certification expiration date and provide supporting documentation, such as a doctor’s note in the case of illness. Abeyance can be granted for up to three months. If more time is needed, another request must be submitted.

I Suspect A NAESA Certified Inspector Is Not Performing His/Her Job In Conformance With NAESA’s Policies. How Can I File A Complaint Against Them?

You may fill out a Dispute and Complaint form which can be found by clicking here. Click here You must provide supporting documentation of your claims. To view NAESA’s Code of Conduct, Policy on Conflicts of Interest, and to download a Dispute and Complaint form.

A Complaint Was Filed Against Me. How Do I File An Appeal?

You can file an appeal within 30 days of receipt of the determination by the Board of Certification. You can find an Appeals form by clicking here.