Stand with me for Safety!

150 plus more for Safety, will you help me?

Again, I am not writing about elevator codes, government agencies or elevator gadgets, this time it is all about safety as it should be!

         Well, here we are just 24 days away from the start of the first ever Elevator Industry Safety Summit, which you all know by now is being held in Phoenix on Sunday evening May 21st. There is still plenty of time to register to attend and to help with a financial sponsorship to make this event even greater for safety.  Nowhere in the world has an elevator industry event ever been entirely focused on Elevator Safety, with people from all aspects of the industry coming together for a sole safety goal, to just save lives!  So here is where we are today with the Safety Summit: the agenda has been finalized with the speakers choosing their time slots, very difficult task when you consider travel needs for the distance these folks need to travel to attend and their job-related time constraints. We believe we have assembled the finest group of safety managers and experts in the elevator industry. I will share some information about the agenda and the speakers with you to follow. There will be a Safety Summit Program for everyone in attendance, which will detail every speaker with a biography, photo and short syllabus of their presentations as needed. We will even have complimentary official Elevator Industry Safety Summit Tee-shirts for all attendees.

           The Safety Summit has been dedicated to the life and safety vision of the late Bob Caporale Sr, former editor of Elevator World Magazine.

Bob knew before his passing that this event was going to be held in his honor to carry on his great work in trying to make a safer world for all who ride and work on elevators and escalators. His safety energy will live on forever and he will never be forgotten, his smile and wisdom is missed by all!

          The moderator of the Safety Summit will be a long-time leader in the industry: Davis Turner of California. He brings a history of leadership from Otis and Mitsubishi elevator companies and for many years has had his own consulting business and is still doing so. He has wit and wisdom and will lead this event with a special flare.

         Bob Schumacher, Chief of the City of Phoenix AHJ will welcome the attendees to the great city of Phoenix and share his thoughts on safety.

         Robert Caporale Jr. of Connecticut will be sharing the safety thoughts and reflecting on the safety vison of his dad, Bob Caporale Sr.

         Tom Vining, President Otis Elevator Americas will share with the group his personal safety message and thoughts on how safety is foremost in this industry.

         Mike Corbo, General Manger/Executive Vice-President Mitsubishi Elevator Company will share his safety thoughts and passion of keeping safety foremost in the industry.

         Steve Berney of Draka/Prysmian Industries will present and detail the Risk Assessment process.

         Frank Christensen, General President, International Union of Elevator Constructors will highlight why, Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility. 

         Peter Susca: Changing Behavior for Fatality Prevention. The session will discuss the precursors of fatalities and serious injuries (FSIs) and how changing organizational behavior impacts fatality potential.  We will review and discuss; organizational and operational factors that influence decision-making, identification and elevation of FSI risk, work and safety process design impacts and human performance/ behavior considerations.  Understanding and implementing a well-rounded approach to FSI management is critical to your success.

Heading up the presentation on the FPA – Fatality Prevention Areas, will be as follows:

          Rob Merlo, GS Elevator Industries and Ray Downs, TEI: Key Fatality Prevention with Lock Out Tag Out

          Bob Rodriguez, Otis and Kevin Dix, Otis: Key Fatality Prevention with Car Top & Pit Access

          Aled Jones, KONE, Corey Ward, KONE: Key Fatality Prevention with Jumpers

          John Goodpaster, Schindler: Key Fatality Prevention with Fall Protection

          Rene Karavas, TSSA and Ted Gervais TSSA, Technical Standards and Safety Authority of Ontario, Canada:

                          will present: High Risk Elevator Pits

          William Seymour, Technologies LLC: The importance of Machine Guarding and safety

          Robert Kaspersma, Liftinstituut: An Integral Safety Vision. Liftinstituut believes elevator and escalator safety is not a one dimensional or single factor responsibility.

          Hank Peelle, President Peelle Door Company: Vertical Light Curtains and their impact of safety

          Tom Sybert, President C.J. Anderson Company: EESF Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation Message and Safety Vison

          And me, Bob Shepherd: I may say a few words, but not many!

         So, here’s my heart: I still need your help to save a life! Still plenty of time to register to attend, with the hotel room block extended to May 18th. Safety should always be the main show, not the side show! How many safety signs do you see hanging at elevator trade shows which say: “Safety First” or “Safety = Life” or “Work Safe” or “Be Safe” or whatever? The Safety Summit is not a “show”, but it is show of support and a show of force that it is time to make safety first, as some have not yet acknowledged. It is time and long overdue that we all place safety first and foremost in every aspect of this industry! Safety should be reinforced continually, hourly and by the minute, if that is what it will take to save lives. If I have offended some who do not take safety seriously, so be it, then I will be guilty of trying to save lives. 

          Below is a list of sponsors, in no special order for the Safety Summit to date, I know the list is long and takes up a lot of space, but they all are greatly appreciated and I wanted to list them with prominence and clarity. They are all truly special to the industry, NAESA and the safety cause, NAESA, the elevator industry and I thank them all from my heart:

Architectural Elevator Consulting

ATIS Elevator

Brugg Lifting, LLC – Martin Rhiner and team

CE Electronics - Mike Concannon and team

CJ Anderson – Tom Sybert and team

Coaker & Company, P.C. - Jim Coaker

Code Data Plate - John Rearick and team

Davis L Turner & Associates - Dave Turner

Delaware Elevator Company – David Smarte and team

DH Ross Elevator Inspections, Inc.

ECNY – Elevator Conference of New York

EHC - Escalator Handrail Canada – Patrick Bothwell and team

EIWPF – Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund

Elevator Inspection Service Company – Anthony J DiBiase

Elevator Radio Show – Tom Sybert

Elevator Safety & Technical Services - Lee Rigby and team

EMS Group Inc

GAL Canada – Steve Husband and the GAL Canada Team

GAL Manufacturing Corp/ Hollister Whitney - D. Witham and team

IAEC - International Association of Elevator Consultants

IUEC – International Union of Elevator Constructors – Frank Christensen and the membership

Jack Day

JSG Elevator Consultants - Michael Fagan, Frank Fletcher and team

Kevin Heling and JR Freeman

KM McRae Inc. – John McRae and team

KONE Elevator Company – Larry Wash and team


Maxton Manufacturing Company

McNally Elevator – Joe McNally and team

MEI Total Elevator Solutions - Steve Romnes and team

MHT Codes & Consulting Specialists - Marc Tevyaw

Mitsubishi Electric US – Mike Corbo and team

Motion Control Engineering, Inc. - Ashur Kanon, Debbie Prince and team

NAESA Canadian Region – Marc Tevyaw, region team and the members

NEII - National Elevator Industry Incorporated – Karen Penafiel and team

OMEGA Industries – Greg DeCola and team

Otis Elevator Company Americas – Tom Vining

Otis Elevator World Wide Engineering  

Peelle Door Company – Hank Peelle and team

Prysmian Group/Draka Elevator Products – Sterrett Lloyd and team

QEITF – Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund

Schindler Elevator – Vince Ribibero and all the Schindler team

Schumacher Elevator Company – Marvin Schumacher and team

Smart Elevator Tech, LLC – Richard C. Blaska and team

Elevator World Magazine – Ricia Hendrick

TEI Group - New York City – Mark Gregorio and team

Thompson Elevator – John Thompson and team

Vator Accessories, Inc. – Lisa Grimes and team

VDA - Van Deusen & Associates – Tom Stack, Rob Cuzzi and team

“Stay Safety Pinned” Bob Shepherd

WAS Consulting, Inc. - Bill Sawyer

VTE Solution – Bill Snyder


Above is an honorable group of sponsors to build on!

Forgive me if I missed a name, you will all be listed in the event program and on banners at the venue.

Let’s work together to help save lives by doing whatever it takes, life is worth the effort! I love you all!

Thanks for listening and your support, be safe!



          Bob Shepherd

          “Stay Safety Pinned”




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