NAESA International is seeking individuals who are interested in becoming an Instructor. Please review the information below and complete the application.
Individuals who are interested in becoming an instructor for NAESA International must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be QEI Certified with NAESA International or willing to transfer your QEI Certification to NAESA.
  • Must be an active contributing member of one of the following ASME committees within the first six months of instructing.
    • A17 Qualification of Elevator Inspectors QEI-1
    • A17 Emergency Operations Committee
    • A17 Electrical Committee
    • A17 Hoistway Committee
    • A17 Hydraulic Committee
    • A17 Mechanical Design Committee
    • A17.1 Standards
    • A17.1 part 8.6 Maintenance, Repair, Replacement and Testing
    • A17.2 Inspections      
    • A17.3 Existing Installations
    • A17.4 Guide for Emergency Personnel


  • A high comfort level in speaking in front of groups (previous teaching experience preferred)
  • Extensive experience in the elevator industry, particularly as it relates to the ASME codes, related standards, and QEI inspection procedures/requirements
  • A flexible schedule and willingness to travel
  • Familiarity with Microsoft office programs, most importantly PowerPoint, and how to operate a projector and possess a laptop or other device that can run these programs
  • Agree to the Confidentiality Agreement, Code of Conduct and Use of Materials Agreement

Please send all information to before May 19th, 2022.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!


Jack Day

NAESA Education Director

(360) 878-0482

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